G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 12 – A.D. : After Death

ad_book01-1It feels like a long time since A.D. : After Death was announced but the delays have come and gone and just a few weeks ago we got Book One.

It’s tagged as “a unique blend of comic, prose, illustration” but  it feels like even more than that with the level of awe & wonder the creative team of Scott Snyder & Jeff Lemire bring to this sci-fi story about a genetic cure for death and the mind-blowing confrontation with the past, mortality and everything in between. Timely given the turmoil in the world today but it’s probably the purest example of an Image Comics title that leaves with a “WOW” moment of amazement as the story plays out.  It’s got the air of something much more significant about it and with it’s outsize format and beautiful printing it feels like THE title to get on-board with and ASAP.  3-parts in total but one is enough to solidify an interest in what this creative team can achieve.  Well played Image…..well played!


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