Highlights of 2015 Day 20 – Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan #1

Old Man Logan made a welcome return as a tie-in to marvel’s Secret Wars event and the 5-parter saw Brian Michael Bendis team up with artist Andrea Sorrentino & colourist Marcelo Maiolo.

What we ended up with was a world weary Wolverine who survives in the wastelands of a dystopian part of the Marvel Universe.  The other superheroes have been wiped out leaving the supervillains that killed them in power and Logan starts his journey to be the man who might make a difference. Bendis writes one of the best tie-ins to Marvel’s event and the weight on Logan’s shoulders is phenomenal as the gritty, harsh world continues to eat away at him.  Sorrentino & Maiolo swoop in and steal the show a bit with some epic artwork that keeps the dystopian world raw and unforgiving.


This proved to be one of those titles that you didn’t want to end and it came close to being better than the core Secret Wars title it was released alongside.  There’s the even better news of more to come as Jeff Lemire steps in on writing duties with Sorrentino returning on art…..so we haven’t seen the last of this title!


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