The Meek #2

The Meek #2

After an impressive opening issue writer Patrick Scattergood & artist Carlos Moreno return with issue #2 of their Dark Ponds Creation release – The Meek.

That first issue helped setup a different take on a typical zombie tale as the horror of the situation took a back seat to let the central character Edward dwell on his predicament and figure out if survival was worth fighting for.  There was also the added element of a mysterious figure watching him but the majority of this second issue helps fill in a bit more of the history on how the world got into this mess.  Far from weighing things down with heavy narrative Patrick keeps the reading light with sparse text that still manages to convey the desperate situation that’s developed….which in itself is an achievement.

The Meek #2 - history

The resulting mess saw the survivors scramble to find safety and Edward’s own story begins to take shape.  The twists & turns of hope & dissapointment brings us back to present day as watchful eyes fall back on Edward and the new group of family & friends he’s built up and is now responsible for. That safety in numbers is short lived though as things start to take a turn for the worse in their on-going battle.

The Meek #2 - gun

Patrick’s script is well thought out and the calculated use of dialogue & narrative help build an underlying sense of confusion & panic that blends well with the artwork from Carlos. The black & white style has become the “norm” for alot of zombie stories following the success of The Walking Dead but this second issue move away from expanses of white like we saw in the first, filling up the pages with art that adds to the story.  A smart panel-layout helps keep a sense of momentum to the story as lingering, solemn moments and the “run for your life” action are blurred together seamlessly.

The Meek continues to be a surprise package and it’s improved across the space of two issues thanks to the balance that Patrick & Carlos bring to the table.  Smart use of text and imagery across the pages helps involve the reader more and there’s a satisfying beginning, middle & end vibe to each of the issues which steers clear of the sometimes jarring frustration that a cliffhanger can have.

You can pick up this and the other Dark Pond Creations titles through Sellfy and keep tabs on what’s new & Comic Con appearances over on their Facebook page.  Keep up to date with Patrick’s work and his reviews over on his blog too.



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