Lifehacks #2

Lifehacks #2

Ovi Demetrian Jr & Jen Hickman return for issue #2 of Lifehacks and the thriller starts to delve deeper and deeper into the case they began in the first issue.

While Joe & Lisa became aware of each other in that first issue it’s only in the second issue that they actually meet as the hacker/PI & Detective team-up to work on tracking down the serial killer that’s started adding to his body count.  It’s here that we see the real ground-work being put in by them both as they start exploring the crime scenes and begin the laborious task of going door to door.  Their awkwardness in this situation and around each other is tangible at first as they begin to take the first steps into a partnership that sees lives depending on them.

Connecting the Dots

It’s obviously a new experience for our recluse hacker Joe but the pair DO start to open up a bit to each other as Ovi drops the first glimmer of a strong relationship beginning.  A ying & yang that sees the logical brain & street smarts combine to start finding those much-needed clues in a very public case.

Awkwardness gets the better of Joe and he takes a step back into the sanctity of his home to do what he does best……and hit the computer.  Meanwhile there’s another victim and another crime scene to investigate that hints at the new found confidence in the killer as he adds to his body count…….the issue closes out with a pretty impressive fight for survival as another victim hits the killer’s sights without a single sound or word being used.  It’s that closing section that lets you see just how powerful Jen’s artwork has been from the beginning of this second issue…..and while a sea of dialogue has kicked in to keep the pace flowing a flick back through shows you the subtle additions the artwork has made to those scenes.

Joe and Lisa

A smooth lead in to this second issue has it feeling like you’re favourite show that you watch week to week….that you don’t need a recap for because you almost lived the one before.  It’s an immersive couple of issues so far that this second issue helps emphasize and it’s here that the case starts to unfold properly.  As far away from a superhero world as you can get but no less entertaining for that as it’s a proper thriller which has deeper levels to come and without stating the obvious….the writer & artist have let us in on them scratching the surface.

Check out more on the issues so far and what’s happening next through the website or over on the Facebook page.

Issue #3 has just over a day to go over on Kickstarter – so go and jump on this and back what will hopefully be your new favourite series.



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