G-Man Talks to Samuel George London about Band of Warriors

While Samuel Gordon London has already impressed with the likes of his Milford Green series, Project Hoax and his Comics for the Apocalypse Podcast, his newest project sees him aiming to make the mature title that’s been on his mind for a while a reality….cue the interview!!

Has Band of Warriors changed much since your first idea for it?

Great question, and yes, I’ve changed the starting point on a few occasions but I think I’ve landed on the best place to begin, which is right in the midst of some full on action.

What was it like doing the research with a blend of historic events & myths?

It was hard going but ultimately it was very much worth it and really interesting. The things you find out during that type of process are fascinating both factually and about yourself.

With this being a mature title did the creative process feel any different?

With my other titles being more all-ages, yes it did. At the start I had to continually remind myself that this is for mature readers and really push myself to include things I normally didn’t but in time I got into the flow. My editor, Nicole, managed to push me as well, so that was helpful too.

How did you team-up with Federico on the art?

When originally looking for an artist for BoW, I put a call out on Twitter and Reddit and thankfully Federico got in touch with me via Reddit. I’m so glad he reached out as otherwise I wouldn’t have come across him. He’s absolutely ideal for what I’m going for.

Do you have a favourite character in the series?

I’m such a sucker for noble Father characters that for this first issue, it has to be King Minos.

What are your plans for the series – if you can say?

I’ve got 6 issues planned for this initial arc but it has scope to become an ongoing series. I can’t say much more but I can mention that this first issue takes place in the palace of Knossos and the next issue takes place somewhere else entirely.

What else are you working on just now?

I’m currently wrapping up Access Denied, which is another Kickstarter I created with Milford Green artist, Mikael Hankonen. I’m also working on another story for Mikael to work on as well as a couple of others for other artists. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal much about them but I can say they’re all different genres ranging from all-ages to mature stories. If everything goes according to plan, it’s going to be an exciting year.

Check out Samuel & Federico’s work through the links below:

Samuel: Signal Comics website, Twitter, Etsy Store

Federico: Website, Twitter, Instagram

Head over to the campaign via the link below to find our more and back it:

Band of Warriors #1 Kickstarter


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