G-Man talks to Marco Rudy about RDW

Marco Rudy’s new creator-owned project is funding over on Kickstarter just now and having already been a fan of his previous work, I got the chance to shine a lamp in his face & ask him all about it.

What inspired you to create RDW?

That’s……broad, as one too many things sprung me to come about with this….I guess, in a way, getting a pitch rejected by Marvel brought this on. I had a pitch for the Master of Kung Fu accepted there, but it got shipped around and never landed. By then, my co writer Frank Barbiere and I started to play around with other ideas…Mainly i started, because id come up with a billion things and just throw it at poor Frank. I started developing this concept about a dreaming robot that achieves..”humanity” as he experiences his life in the form of an adventurer, in a fantasy land, in his dreams. When I started developing the Fantastic side of things, I just went full on and eventually shelved the Robot story. As for what inspired the themes in it? AMon many books and stories, the game GRIS and the Experience (it’s almost not a game) Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

Is this a story you’ve wanted to tell for a while?

Yes and no – as I slowly progressed to only wanting to pencil books to full on writing them, now. As it is, the story kind of formed on itself, out things I’ve experienced and research. One side of the story I won’t focus much, for now, is the racial side of it. Astrid, my character, is mixed-race, just like myself. And that comes into play, further down the books, as my experiences with not being accepted, in my home country, growing up, come into play, in the story im telling.

What can readers expect from this first volume & the whole series?

Unusual storytelling. Hopefully an emotional journey and some pretty good looking sequences. This just the beginning, a taste of things to come. There is more about this world, that people are not expecting and that will come to play, in a huge way. Like some concepts featured in series like “Ghost in the Shell”, for instance 😉

It sounds like a diverse mix of ideas – were those easy to tie together?

I don’t know. Some of these things fit organically well – I don’t have to search long in folk tales, what happens when an unsuspecting group of people hangout at a creepy village, at night, but at the same time, combining the Wraiths of the Wild Hunt from Classic gaelic folklore with South African folklore about the miners that went to die into their coal mines? Now That is a challenge. So that is where I’m at 🙂

The visuals look amazing so far – have you approached this differently than you have your previous comic work?

The only significant differences being that i am writing and i am painting it exclusively in acrylics. My approach to storytelling in comics has been set, for a few years now, translating that into how i tell the story, in the script, and just how tightly connected It is, with the art, now that is something new, for me.

What’s it been liking juggling writing & art duties?

As i mentioned above, its been…different. before i just had to come up with visuals for things. Now, having to write it, being that i am extremely visual..is, well a new experience. I plot the book on the actual pages – i write headers for each scene, start laying out each sequence and setting the mood of the scene, with each layout, Then write some of the scene and that informing the art that goes in – which then informs the script and dialogue. One look at my script before i send it to my editor and its just a mush uf minor visual notes and extremely detailed stuff, that makes no sense to anyone else, but me.

What drew you to Kickstarter for this particular book?

The fact that i can come up with an idea, ask for the fans if they want it and if enough people do, have it done, make it happen. Without anyone else, just direct communication between creator and the people that want what that creator brings to the table.

What else are you working on just now?

Just RDW and Nothing else. Book 02 is pencilled and somewhat painted and book 03 is halfway written and pencilled. I hope that this thing gets enough success that i can keep telling this story for a good long time.

MASSIVE thanks to Marco for taking the time to answer my questions and you can catch-up with him some more over on Twitter & Instagram.

You can also jump on-board the campaign through the link below:

RDW Volume 1 Kickstarter


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