A Comic A Day in May – Day 23: Drexler #1

Creator Nathan Kelly’s Drexler was influenced by the likes of Hellboy & 100 Bullets and with that kind of title being mentioned……it’s a series that HAD to be looked into.

It’s an interesting mash-up of ideas with a strong vein of sci-fi weaved through it and you can tell from the very beginning that building suspense and keeping things as gritty as possible was a big aim for the series.  Drexler himself has the air of a spy about him and his shadowy missions bring him full circle to his hometown when all kinds of monster sightings start being reported.

The grim and visceral discoveries that surround these sightings is fuel for Drexler and his team to try and get a handle on the gruesome events that are starting to go public.  There’s the added complication of an arms dealer entering into the mix and in the end there’s a whole host of challenges for our central protagonist to tackle.  This all unfolds with a mix of set-pieces, narrow escapes & unrelated deaths and the mix of themes helps fuel each of those elements making them fit together much better than I first expected.

Nathan teamed-up with writer Bob Salley to revamp the series and this opening issue has a slick way of piecing together all it’s elements.  The sci-fi, the horror and spy thriller ideas are held together with a well-paced & constructed plot and the influences are obvious from the beginning.  The art style feels instantly recognizable too and you can see the Eduardo Risso edge to it but it doesn’t feel like a copy of anything given the blend of ideas they’ve mashed up together.

The colouring from Don Mathias & lettering from HdE are a key element of keeping things flowing and capturing the mood across the pages.  In fact, the whole team are working well to keep the threads balanced throughout this opening issue and based on just this first issue, it’s definitely got enough quality to stretch beyond the first arc of three issues.

It’s edgy, highly stylized stuff and with a strong central character that swaggers his way into & out of trouble, there’s no end to the possibilities Nathan has on where to take his creation.  This first series will no doubt determine what longevity this has but I’m already keen to get my hands on the second issue and beyond.

You can keep tabs on the Feral Kingdom Studios Facebook page for more updates and get hold of this issue over on Comixology.  You can also jump on-board the current campaign to get hold of this and the 2nd issue in the series at the link below:

Drexler #2 Kickstarter

You can also keep update with each of the creative team over on Twitter too:



@Peanizles (Don Mathias)




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