Rebirth Round-up: Week 10


DC’s Rebirth has been trucking through since it started and I take a look at last week’s big releases with some big name creator’s returning to some of the key titles.


All-Star Batman #1

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by John Romita JR. (pencils) & Danny Miki (inks)

Coloured by Dean White

Lettered by Steve Wands

A new Batman title from Scott Snyder was always going to grab my attention even though I dropped in & out of his previous run it was always something I enjoyed. The added bonus of having John Romita Jr. on art duties who I wasn’t a fan of until fairly recently.  The story they’ve put together sees Batman take on Two-Face who has been built-up to be a far greater threat than he has before as the information available to Harvey Dent becomes the ammo that the Two-Face side can actively manipulate.  The unhinged villain instantly becomes a greater threat as he’s far more unpredictable and the power to influence the people of Gotham sees Batman caught in multiple sights as a target to help them all retain their own twisted worlds inside their own little bubbles. Snyder does what he does best with firmly breaking the mould on what Batman has to face in the confines of Gotham City while still maintaining the essence of what the character represents.  All-Star Batman seems to be the perfect vehicle for that freedom he has as he’ll be able to work with other artists to create a new type of story to get lost in.  There’s a quirky back-up story where Snyder teams-up with Declan Shalvey & Jordie Bellaire to bring another similar themed story that’s different while still maintaining a close link to the main story’s vibe.



Deathstroke: Rebirth #1

Written by Christopher Priest

Art by Carlo Pagulayan (pencils) & Jason Paz (inks)

Coloured by Jeremy Cox

Lettered by Willie Schubert

Deathstroke is another DC character that I maybe haven’t read much of other than a short-lived attempt at the New 52 run and more recently on The Arrow TV show but with Rebirth proving to be bringing the best from some of DC’s characters I thought this could well be the time to try again.  The Rebirth issue covers a lot more of the past & present for Slade Wilson as we are shown a number of flashbacks to him growing up with his brother and overbearing father.  This element helps to at least build-up a sense of hardship in his life but his life today shows that he has firmly chosen an assassins life where good and bad blur in his quest to just keep on killing.  This balance gives Slade/Deathstroke neither a good or bad outlook….he;s just a guy who likes to kill but the real challenge is to make the reasons behind that at least seem to be plausible. Thankfully that’s something that Priest manages to do exceptionally well while the art team manage to juggle the elements of his past and present with a strong sense of purpose.  Deathstroke ends up being a surprise package and enjoyable as a result.



Superwoman #1

Written by Phil Jimenez

Art by Phil Jimenez (pencils) & Matt Santorelli (inks)

Coloured by Jeromy Cox

Lettered by Rob Leigh

Superwoman was a Rebirth issue that almost slipped me by but thankfully I managed to catch-up on the first issue and see what fallout there was for Lois Lane & Lana Lang following the end of the New 52 Superman series.  In it Lois & Lana have developed their own super powers and it’s just in time as Metropolis finds itself in the path of destruction yet again.  The Lois/Lana combo save the day though but it’s an intriguing journey for them both as a suped-up Lex flexes his typically sinister edge in a story that feels far bigger than I was expecting.  In fact, if you look through the book itself you’ll see how word heavy the issue is but with Jimenez on writing and art duties he is able construct the panel layouts in just the right way which allows letterer Rob Leigh to fit in everything that’s needed.  The book just flows along from page to page as action and danger flash throughout and while it may not be a journalism filled book like you’d expect with Lois as a central character she ends up making a pretty slick Superhero along with Lana.  The twist at the end leaves the book a bit in limbo but that helps build the need to read issue #2……a surprise package from DC and one that puts a new title into the pull list for future issues.


Another strong week for DC which provided a strong Batman title and two welcome surprises and it shows that Rebirth may well be exactly what the line needed.


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