Rebirth Round-up: Week 9


While last week saw DC’s latest movie hit theatres in the shape of Suicide Squad it was no real surprise that the Rebirth issues released in the same week tied into the same big screen characters.


Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1

Written by Rob Williams

Art by Philip Tan (pencils), Jonathan Glapion,Scott Hanna & Sandu Florea (inkers)

Coloured by Alex Sinclair

Lettered by Travis Lanham

This Rebirth opens with the revelation that the Suicide Squad even exists and we find Amanda Waller taking Obama head-on in defence of her actions and the continued use of the team she has put together.  However, the comic seems to succeed where the movie struggled as a reduced team roster and a focus on the Waller/Flag rivalry proving to be a far better approach to the team’s origin.  Harley, Deadshot & Boomerang are still entrusted with a crucial mission and although it’s a similar “death from above” type affair the art team pull off an impressive feeling of danger and excitement to the situation the team finds themselves in.  Comic trumps movie in this case but the difference in inking styles is obvious across some of the comic events which almost disrupts the flow of a solid beginning for what seems like a team with new life breathed into it.



Harley Quinn #1

Written by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Art by Chad Hardin

Coloured by Alex Sinclair

Lettered by Dave Sharpe

While Rebirth may represent a new beginning for most of the characters involved it seems that Harley is the exception to that rule as the entire creative team continues with a character they’re already associated with from the previous run.  In fact, it all coasts along with a familiar feel to it and while the only low-point seems to be a flashback that gives a glimpse at where Harley has come from and the crazy life that exploded around her.  The Joker, the Suicide Squad and her relationships with the other DC villains are still significant to her but the crazy world she finds herself in has a crazy air about it and if a visiting alien became a cow that eventually makes it into the food chain to create zombies was in any other book it’d be a throwaway one from the beginning……instead, it all seems to make some sort of crazy sense in Harley’s world. This leaves the energy fizzing across the pages as the bold art helps emphasise that crazy plot.


Another solid week for DC’s rebirth as two new issues impress as they try to tie-in with that Suicide Squad movie release but actually help fight the corner of sticking with the comics rather than the movie.


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