Ness #1

Ness #1

Chris Welsh (Wart, Doc Dino) recently smashed his way through another Kickstarter with his his campaign to make Ness a reality and I recently got my printed book through…

Billed as a “Del Toro/Lovecraft-inspired cosmic horror story” Welsh is joined by artist Rob Carey, Colourist Dee Cunniffe & letterer Robin Jones to bring us a tale of myth and legend set on the shores of Loch Ness.  Opening with a lone figure wading into the Loch before coming face to face with our mythical monster it’s a slick sneak peek at the dark edge that Welsh is introducing and it all has a cult vibe from the very beginning.


The next morning we’re quickly introduced to a group of friends who are visiting the Loch to scatter the ashes of one of their mother’s and a visit to the local pub to drown their sorrows brings them face to face with some of the unhinged locals.  That’s a catalyst for things to step up a notch and there’s an air of Stephen King’s The Mist although with a much darker, in your face look at the threat facing the main group of soon to be survivors.  It’s a swift move through the book as the pace kicks off in a high gear but the detailed art from Carey and the colours from Cunniffe, in particular, gives this a really moody outlook.


Welsh’s previous titles were already an indicator of what he could create but I think this may well be my favourite of his work so far.  It’s got an honest set of core characters that contrast well with the grim tentacled monster that’s on the rampage and while we’re in the dark to begin with it’s all part of the fun.  The art team he’s put together for it are all working from the same horror-soaked page too so the overall look & feel of this is in-sync and extra impressive.  One issue down and I’m already clambering for the next three.

Keep an eye out for more things Ness related over on the titles Facebook page and check out Chris Welsh’s website for info on all his work past, present & future.



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