The Phantom: DCC 80th Anniversary Special


Dublin Comic Con takes place this coming weekend (6th/7th August) and they’re releasing a special 80th Anniversary Special comic with some brand new tales featuring The Phantom which I was lucky enough to get hold of for an early look.

I’ve always been a fan of pulp heroes like The Rocketeer, The Shadow, The Phantom (even the Billy Zane movie) & many others so I always go into these with a default high level of interest.  The realisation that a comic book character has been around for the length of time that The Phantom has and that he STILL has a special place in Comic Book history books is testament to just how amazing the creation is.  This annversary issue has been granted a special license by King Features Syndicate for a commemorative comic to be produced celebrating the legacy of The Phantom and allows the origin strip from 1939 by creator Lee Falk with art by Ray Moore to be reprinted.  That in itself gives this new release the credibility it deserves and that is something that continues into the 6 original stories & two articles that make up the majority of the book.

Phantom Origin

The stories act as a fitting homage to the essence of the character as the skills of the Ghost Who Walks shine through each of his adventures while helping to bolster the air of mystery that his legend warrants.  Short and punchy stories mixed with longer outings proves to be a fine balance to tackle and thankfully for the team involved and for The Phantom himself it’s all pulled off with real style & attention to detail as panel after panel oozes that pulp vibe from the purple-suited hero.

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It’s a long list of creators that are involved with writing/art/lettering/colouring and more provided by Cian Tormey, Johnny McMonagle, Arif Iqbal, David McDonagh, Ashwin Chacko, Karl O’Rowe, Stephen Carey, Danny McLaughlin, Roisin Young, Basil Lim, Dave Williams,Derek Keogh, Sean Hill, John O’Reilly, Jerry Higgins, Chris O’Halloran, Rob Jones, and Sinead O’Neill. Lightning Strike Comics publisher Eoin McAuley takes the helm and manages to co-ordinate a collection of tales that showcases all the very best elements of a much-loved character and give the creative styles a chance to blend together seamlessly.

Following it’s release at this weekend’s event there will be a limited stock available through The Phantom’s Vault with all proceeds from the sale of the comic being donated to three children’s hospitals in Dublin; Temple Street, Crumlin and Tallaght Hospital.

Keep an eye out on the Dublin Comic Con website & Facebook page for more details on the con itself and you can also check out more on Lightning Strike Comics on their website, Facebook and Twitter too.



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