A Comic A Day in May – Day 19: Griff Gristle: The Endless Voyage

Rob Jones & Mike Sambrook already have already released two impressive issues of their Griff Gristle creation into the world and getting an early look at the third issue was something I just HAD to jump on-board with.

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A Comic A Day in May – Day 7: The Forest, The Chair and Those Forsaken There

It’s fair to say that James McCulloch has been a source of some dark stories from the indie comic world with the likes of City Of Lost Souls & Little Girl Black already sliding into the more extreme category for comic book stories so his next release was always going to be an interesting one. Continue reading

A Comic A Day in May – Day 5: Cadavers – World Gone to Hell

Cadavers from Mad Robot Comics became an impressive world when Matt Hardy introduced it to us in those first three issues and before we see how that first arc plays out he’s only gone & thrown an anthology in our direction too.

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Nasty Girls Volume 1

Cult Empire Comics had already taken a step into other genre’s outside of horror with last year’s Lady Hollywood but they’ve broadened their titles even further with the tale of an all-female band who are taking justice into their own hands in the first volume of Nasty Girls.

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