Spark: Book 1

Spark Volume 1

Creator Georgie Holmes brings us the first book in his creation Spark which sees a disease change the world and it’s inhabitants in a twisting tale of death and new abilities.

Opening with a quick recap of evolution and the place Gods have in our world the arrival of a disease that wipes out half the population of Earth builds up the scale of the story as this world and the worlds beyond influence the day to day lives of ordinary people.  The same disease that brought death to most had a very different impact on the survivors as dormant genes activated and the development of new abilities become an overwhelming reality.


Robin & Alex find themselves in the midst of a group of survivors who have a new goal to reach for in the quest to tackle those in power and maybe even match the Gods themselves.  There’s a reluctance in the group to embrace these new powers but the reality is that may be the only way they may be able to tackle their attackers.  Shape shifting into wild animals and battling their enemies in the shadows sees an inventive and fresh approach to an apocalyptic theme.

BearThe story is great but it’s the art that’s the real standout element in this first book as it blends a mix of gloriously detailed landscapes that have scale while conveying a high level of energy for the battle scenes that weave through the story.  The fantasy elements of shape-shifting and the addition of cartoony elements gives a strong sense of awe as the story continues while the experimental feel to some of the panel layouts seem to make sense in a varied story .  At first the lettering from Harry Murr seemed a bit out of place but as each of the new elements crop up the bold approach to this grew on me……that being said there were a few spelling mistakes that had a jarring impact on the flow of the book which is a real pity.

Looking passed those mistakes, this is the start of a series that could prove to be an epic addition to the indie world….and with it’s fresh ideas and sweeping art styles……it’s one that’s worth giving a go.

You can keep up to date with Spark over on the Facebook page and go grab a copy over on their online shop.



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