G-Man talks to Max West about ‘Dominic and Clare Circus’

Creator Max West has his latest book of puns & giggles running on Kickstarter and it seemed the right time to find out what makes him tick.  Cue the questions…..

What inspired you to start your Dominic and Claire stories?

Dominic and Claire is a spin-off of my art comic, Sunnyville Stories. Dominic is the younger cousin of Rusty, the star of Sunnyville Stories. Sunnyville is more of a slice-of-life comic; I wanted to switch over to something else and chose to develop something humorous. So I came up with Dominic & Claire. Most of it is comedy as it revolves around a wisecracking kitten Dominic and his teenage neighbor Claire, a porcupine. Did I mention Dominic has a big crush on Claire?

Do you have a favourite story that you’ve produced so far?

The story I did in the Dominic & Claire Funnies with Dominic constantly answering the phone when Chester (Claire’s brother) kept calling – that got roars of laughter out of me

What can we expect from this new book?

You can expect more laughs plus more characters. I’m introducing Claire’s mother, Claire’s best friend Amber (who also laughs at Dominic’s antics) and three new friends for Dominic.

What’s it like juggling writing & art duties?

I’m using to doing both art and writing. I’ve been doing it with Sunnyville Stories, my short-lived webcomic Tiffany & Corey and my other works. It’s no big deal.

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How has it been going through Kickstarter?

Kickstarter has been a roller coaster ride. It has plenty of ups and downs; I do well at some points, getting good pledges in and edging closer to my goal. Sometimes, it gets stagnant and then I start worrying about whether I’ll make it.

Do you have long-term plans for the series?

Yes. I’d like to do some longer stories involving adventures with our characters, albeit funny ones. I have notes for stories where Dominic and his three friends (Bryan, Pinky and Gino) sneak into a fancy party, crash someone’s dinner and even go on live television.

What else are you working on just now?

Once this Dominic & Claire Circus Kickstarter is done, I plan to do another one for a humor comic I’ve been developing: Poison Ivy Gulch. It’s set in the Old West and is reminiscent of the old newspaper comic strip by T.K. Ryan, Tumbleweeds.

You can check out Max previous work on the Sunnyville Stories Blog and keep up to date with Max over on Facebook & Twitter.

You can jump on-board his pun-filled campaign through the link below:

Dominic & Claire Circus Kickstarter


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