Scarlett Couture #1


Titan Comics start their ‘Best of British’ month for May with new four parter Scarlett Couture by Des Taylor who brings us a combined world of catwalk’s & espionage.

The setup is pretty familiar these days but Des has a firm idea that he’s looking to inject some fun into people’s pull-list with a title that oozes style.  A series of kidnapping’s in Vegas sees the fashion world shaken after some high-profile supermodels seem to be the main targets for these.  Cue the entrance of Scarlett Couture, heiress to the Chase Couture fashion house & their head of security who also has a secret life with the CIA. This secret life also sees her delve into the mystery surrounding these disappearances and some high-action & near-death experiences for our glamorous central character.

SCARLETTWhile the fashion world plays a part it’s the other elements that take centre stage as we see Scarlett unleash all kinds of government training on the unsuspecting henchmen. Dark in places, over the top in places but somehow always grounded in a true life or death approach the first issue is just as fun as Des was aiming for I’m sure and with a strong central character like Scarlett there’s no shying away from the direction this is going. Things are not all clear cut though as mission failures & a suitably dark twist on the final page sets up the remaining issues well leaving it looking like we’ll get just as much action and mystery from those.  We begin to get a glimpse of the main plot for evil and between the cast of characters and the set-pieces we’re thrown into a world that shows what JJ Abrams’ Alias would look like if Disney animated it.

Glorious to look at and just good fun to read it’s a solid start for one of Titan’s latest releases and while it may not be to everyone’s tastes – there are alot of positives going for this one to make it worth a look…..maybe that trailer below will help!



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