A Comic a Day in May – Day 1: Sinners #1

Sinners #1

A recent Kickstarter I supported was Sinners from writer Simon Birks & artist RHStewart and after successfully hitting their target I’m glad to say I received my copy a few weeks back

This is set to be a 12-part story following our main character Hope and in issue #1 she wakes up in the kind of mess that nightmares are made of.  Strange surroundings, virtually no memories of how she got there and the overwhelming revelation that she may in fact be dead………..I can safely say I’ve never been THAT drunk :).


While that beginning is fairly dark the narrative from Birks seems to continue the downward spiral for Hope as the mystery gets more & more obscure.  After making her way out of her strange surroundings she’s soon on her way to her friend Danny’s flat but a gruesome discovery there only compounds her disorientation at what’s happening to her.  The “Why me?” vibe could have become a bit whiney but the pace saves it from dwelling on that too much and instead adds momentum through this first issue.  We stagger through these elements & end up with the discovery of the new car that represents a new purpose for Hope……one that’s just as confusing as the predicament she’s found herself in already.

Hope's car

I was always going to be intrigued by this as I pretty much put my money into it based on just the synopsis & some images from the Kickstarter but this surprised me even more. While it initially it looked like the narrative would get in the way of the story the layouts helped ease any concerns pretty early on and the artwork from RHStewart & lettering from Lyndon White proved to be a winning combo.  There’s some pretty impressive two-page splashes in this that centre around the crossroads and the choices Hope has to make once in the car and that imagery bookends in the first issue but is also a theme throughout as the topsy-turvy world she finds herself in demands she makes choices…..and makes them quickly.

A great opening issue with more greatness to come from the whole team I’m sure and with 12-issues planned – I’m on-board for the long haul.

Keep tabs on this over on the Sinners Facebook & Twitter pages. You can catchup with the creators at the links below too:

Simon Birks: Website & Twitter (@sdbirks)

RHStewart: Facebook & Twitter (@RHS_illustrator)

Lyndon White: Website & Twitter (@lyndondraws)



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