Comic Creators Anonymous – Eric Cockrell

Writer/Artist Eric Cockrell is part of the Studio Erbo publishing conglomerate who combine to produce a range of creative products from books & comic books through to illustration & Video productions.

What was the first title you worked on?

The first comic book I ever worked on was Adhesive Man. I’ve been working on and creating comics based on Adhesive Man since 1992, but the first official worldwide publishing of Adhesive Man was in 2009.

How has your work changed since then?

I think my style is more polished on that stuff. Also I’ve expanded into other comics since and have a few different styles I work in. My Blister stuff is a little looser, and rougher.

Who are your main influences?

As an indie creator, I don’t know that I have a bigger influence than Jeff Smith, of Bone fame. He and Fred Hembeck are probably two of the biggest influences on my Adhesive Man / Defective Comics work. The style I use on Blister is part Harold Gray’s Little Orphan Annie, part Archie, and partly influenced by Robert Crumb.

What comics are you reading just now?

I’ve been reading Dynamite’s James Bond series regularly, as well as a few indie books, such as Scott Weldon’s Harland Buck.

What’s the best thing about creating comics?

Getting my story out. I have a million stories in my head and I want to release them all. I love storytelling, and character development. I’m getting my fill of that with Blister.

What are you working on just now?

I’m working on a comic adaptation of my Blister novel. Angela is the first story in the Blister novel, in which Blister falls for a girl at a funeral, and spends some time trying to impress her. It also explores the inner-band dynamic between him and his bass-playing best friend, Harv, as egos conflict, with a little teen angst and a dash of planetary revolution thrown into the mix. This one has a Kickstarter starting on June 19th!

Where can we see you next?

I’m all over the place. My next will be a story in the next issue of Defective Comics comic, which is a superhero parody anthology book featuring Adhesive Man and friends. I’ve also got a backup story coming up in a new Adhesive Man comic, called “The Unbelievable Adhesive Man.” The Unbelievable Adhesive Man is a more standard superhero re-imagining of the character, written by me, with art by Elliott Scott. Following those I will be working on the next Blister comic.

My next scheduled appearance is August 12th at the SPE@K! convention in Kanakee, IL.

You can check out all of Eric’s projects, past & present, over on his website and keep up-to-date with him over on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram now too.

Check out his latest campaign at the link below too:

Blister Kickstarter


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