A Comic A Day in May – Day 13: Merrick The Sensational Elephantman #7 & 8

Writer Tom Ward & artist Luke Parker have always impressed with their Merrick title but with a new two-pat arc released of the main title after a one-shot and a crossover it was about time I paid the title a visit again………cue the Elephantman!

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Card Shark Comics double review – Bust #3 & Vessels #2

Card Shark Comics’ head honcho Dave Cook recently hit us with not one but two releases following successful Kickstarter campaigns for them both and with already impressive starts to both expectations were high.

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Dave Cook’s Vessels #2 hits Kickstarter

Vessels #2

The opening issue of Dave Cook’s Vessels proved to be an impressive addition to the Card Shark Comics series of titles and while a successful Kickstarter brought that first issue to life, it’s gone from strength to strength as the word has got out.

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