G-Man talks to Karl Stephan about Mary Boys

Karl Stephan’s Mary Boys is funding over on IndieGogo just now and after having a look at some of the images on the campaign it was quickly obvious that this had the look & feel of something special……cue the interrogation lamp being brought out and the chance to ask the creator some questions.

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G-Man talks to William Hazle about Ailsa Dark

Terrier Comics already impressed with their Tales of Mystery and Imagination but they stepped that up with the first issue of Ailsa Dark and with a funding campaign prepped to start for the second issue it seemed like just the right time to catch-up with creator & founder William Hazle. Continue reading

A Comic A Day in May – Day 19: Bi The Way

I first read some of MJ Wallace’s work in the Team Girl Comic collection of stories and moving on to her own titles it was easy to jump on-board whatever she was working on next……cue her ‘Bi the Way’ release that became a reality through Indiegogo crowd funding.

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G-Man talks to MJ Wallace

MJ Wallace launched her latest IndieGogo campaign today and after loving her previous contributions to Team Girl Comic, her previous comic releases & her weekly web comic I jumped at the chance to speak with her about all things indie comics & beyond!

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