Killtopia Kickstarter Interview

Card Shark Comics have already impressed enough people with titles like Bust & Vessels but their newest release Killtopia has an amazing buzz and expectation around it.  Up steps the writer/artist combo of Dave Cook & Craig Paton and with the initial glimpse at the style & feel of the book……it looks like they could well exceed everyone’s hopes in hitting new heights in the indie comic world.  What better time to fire some questions their way??

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Comic Creators Anonymous – Fraser Campbell

I first caught up with Fraser’s work in the exceptional Sleeping Dogs and when he followed that up with the equally impressive Alex Automatic he became an indie writer to watch for me and many others.

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Comic Creators Anonymous – Dave Cook

The first thing I read from Dave Cook was issue #1 of Bust and I stumbled across it at a Convention after the Kickstarter had come & gone – but since then I’ve been on-board with more of Bust, his Vessels title and I’ve interviewed him a few times before as well.

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G-Man talks to MJ Wallace

MJ Wallace launched her latest IndieGogo campaign today and after loving her previous contributions to Team Girl Comic, her previous comic releases & her weekly web comic I jumped at the chance to speak with her about all things indie comics & beyond!

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Reel Love : Act Two

Reel Love Act Two

Having already been impressed with Act One of Owen Michael Johnson’s Reel Love I was pretty hyped to hear that a second act was being pushed for release at last weekends Glasgow Comic Con…..and although I’d already seen a digital copy of the book it’s the hardcopy that I was waiting to get my hands on.  I can’t help it….I’m old school!

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