Comic Creators Anonymous – Dave Cook

The first thing I read from Dave Cook was issue #1 of Bust and I stumbled across it at a Convention after the Kickstarter had come & gone – but since then I’ve been on-board with more of Bust, his Vessels title and I’ve interviewed him a few times before as well.

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G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 14 – ComicHaus Anthology

ComicHaus Monthly

Anthology releases, particularly from Small Press, always seem to get a bit of a rough ride of things given the quality of what is being produced but I’ve been lucky enough to have dodged any poor examples and instead been able to read some good, great or amazing collections of stories, with the ComicHaus release slipping into the last of those categories.

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ComicHaus #1-3


The world of indie anthologies seems to be a fairly divisive thing for the wider comic audience with a short peak at a story not always being seen as value for money but Comichaus are aiming to change that with their latest release which just hit its third issue.

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