A Comic A Day in May – Day 30: Morgan’s Organs #1 & 2

Daniel Brodie’s Morgan’s Organs started life as an idea for a TV show but in order to bring it to life he changed his focus to converting it into his own comic project……time to delve inside the human body!!

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A Comic A Day in May – Day 14: Rumble Kings #1

The first issue of Rumble Kings from creator Ryan Cummins introduced his own futuristic dystopia following a successful Kickstarter campaign last year under the banner of the Skeletal Press collective of creators. Continue reading

A Comic A Day in May – Day 7: The Forest, The Chair and Those Forsaken There

It’s fair to say that James McCulloch has been a source of some dark stories from the indie comic world with the likes of City Of Lost Souls & Little Girl Black already sliding into the more extreme category for comic book stories so his next release was always going to be an interesting one. Continue reading

A Comic A Day in May – Day 4: Lizard Men #5 & 6

The first four issues of Steven Horry’s Lizard Men eased us through a fairly “normal” setup before whisking the rug from under us at every step so the final third of the six-issue run always had a solid chance of grabbing my attention……and keeping me guessing.

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A Comic A Day in May – Day 1: Awesome Comics Anthology Issue Four

The Awesome Comics Podcast team close out their triple threat anthology with the fourth issue that debuted at this year’s True Believers Comic Festival……..a year after the first issue appeared.

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