G-Man talks to Owen Michael Johnson & John Pearson about the Beast Wagon Finale

Beast Wagon has been one of THE stand out titles to come from the UK indie/small press scene in recent years and after interviewing the creative team ahead of the release of the first issue back in 2015, it seemed fitting that I should catch up with them again as we edge closer to its conclusion.

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Preview – Beast Wagon Chapter Three


Owen Michael Johnson & John Pearson will return with Chapter 3 of their phenomenal Beast Wagon and after being blown away by Chapter’s One & Two I took a break from counting the days for the next issue to come out when some preview images hit my inbox.

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Reel Love : Act Two

Reel Love Act Two

Having already been impressed with Act One of Owen Michael Johnson’s Reel Love I was pretty hyped to hear that a second act was being pushed for release at last weekends Glasgow Comic Con…..and although I’d already seen a digital copy of the book it’s the hardcopy that I was waiting to get my hands on.  I can’t help it….I’m old school!

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A Comic a Day in May – Day 14: Beast Wagon Chapter One

Beast Wagon - Chapter One

After a phenomenal Kickstarter campaign, an impressive Exhibition, a successful launch & an interview with me 😀 ………it’s fair to say that momentum is definitely with Beast Wagon – so when my Kickstarter reward copy of chapter one came through the door…..it was a dead cert for me to review

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