A Comic A Day in May – Day 5: Cadavers – World Gone to Hell

Cadavers from Mad Robot Comics became an impressive world when Matt Hardy introduced it to us in those first three issues and before we see how that first arc plays out he’s only gone & thrown an anthology in our direction too.

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A Comic A Day in May – Day 17: Cadavers #2 : Poltergeist

Creators Matt Hardy & Edward Bentley join forces again on the second issue of their Cadavers after another strong Kickstarter campaign and the hope was that the Mad Robot Comics release would continue with the same momentum as the first.

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G-Man talks to Matt Hardy of Mad Robot Comics


Cadavers from Mad Robot Comics is cruising through the Kickstarter for its second issue and after a stellar opening issue I was lucky enough to catch up with writer Matt Hardy to find out what to expect from this issue & beyond.

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