Fan Films

While our TV & Cinema screens may be jam-packed with the latest Comic Book releases there is still room for the films made by fans.  They still capture the passion behind a favourite character and when they are as well made as some offerings across the internet……it’s a wonder we don’t see these getting more exposure.  So I’ve collected some of the Comic Book Fan Films I could find below that are worth a watch.  Most are unrated films so they come with a typical warning of blood, swearing & violence….so the best bits.

(open to suggestions for others to add too….so email me the info via the contact form)

Cable: Chronicles of Hope (X-Men Fan Film) is a recent release from K&K Films based on the badass mutant soldier from the future, Nathan Summers a.k.a. Cable.  Featuring some of your favorite X-Men characters including: Cable, Bishop, Hope Summers, and a really high-intensity take on Nightcrawler! Written, Produced and Directed by George & Harry Kirby and Co-Directed by Nathan Stickley.  You can check out more over on their website, Facebook & Twitter pages.

Ripper: A Batman Fan Film is an original story written & directed by James Campbell inspired by DC Comics ‘Gotham By Gaslight’ and Italian Horror of the 70’s and 80’s, produced by Adam Bouabda (Couch Potato Films).  Check out the films Facebook & Twitter pages for more info.

The Punisher: Dirty Laundry (stylized as #DIRTYLAUNDRY) is a 2012 fan film based on the Punisher franchise, starring Thomas Jane (reprising the title role from the 2004 film The Punisher) and Ron Perlman and produced by Adi Shankar. The film was first screened at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International.

Batman: Dead End is a fan film written and directed by Sandy Collora that premiered July 19, 2003 at the San Diego Comic-Con, and on the internet shortly thereafter. The film crosses over the DC Comics superhero Batman with the Alien and Predator AND features the Joker too.  Probably one of the first fan films that I saw.

Judge Minty is a not for profit fan film based on the world of the comic book character ‘Judge Dredd’. It is an original work, following the tale of a secondary figure from the stories. Judge William Minty has spent his entire adult life policing the violent streets of Mega-City One and now he’s slowing down. Website link

Spider-Man : Eclipse opens with our hero captured and being held for reasons not clear. Despite being badly hurt and restrained, Spider-Man knows he has to escape even if it means fighting his way out.  Website link

Dark Knight Legacy is a fan film set one year after the Dark Knight Rises, following “Robin” John Blake’s heroic journey to protect the symbol of Batman from the lethal, relentless attacks of a masked vigilante known only as the Red Hood.

WARNING – Contains flashing lights

Justice League Dark: The Gathering is an independently produced fan film & looks at what happens when in order to fight the Darkness … you need to turn to the Darkness? Madame Xanadu gathers those who walk among the shadows …

Spawn : The Recall is the story of a former witch and her son, who try to live a normal life away from the darkness. While they’re shopping in a supermarket, the child suddenly disappears.She starts looking for him, freaked out knowing evil forces are still lurking. A security guard comes to her help but while they are checking on the surveillance cameras, something happens. She can sense it, they are here…  Website link.

Venom : Truth in Journalism is a short film written by Joe Lynch, directed & edited for producer Adi Shankar & 1984 Defense Contractors (THE GREY, DREDD, KILLING THEM SOFTLY) starring Ryan Kwanten (TRUE BLOOD) as Eddie Brock.  Shot in a documentary style it’s just as messed up as you’d expect for someone like Venom.

Spider-Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story marks the passing of the Spidey torch following Peter Parker’s death and the new face of crime-fighting with Miles taking his first steps towards making a difference.  Released through Bard Tales Productions & Lucky 9 Studios.  Fan film web link.