Looking ahead to the Thought Bubble Comic Con 2019

Monday saw the start of the Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival (TB or Tbubs to the regulars) and it’s week-long run of workshops, exhibits & screenings culminates in this weekend’s Comic Con……and the hype train had left the station months ago.

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A look ahead to the 2000AD 40th Anniversary Event(s)


2000AD’s 40th Anniversary may well hit at the end of February and while it’s being marked with an event on 11th February there’s lots more planned outside of that to mark the milestone for one of the most recognized comic releases in the UK.

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22 Pages : Scenes from Scottish History – A FREE exhibition.

22 Pages

A new exhibition that is sure to appeal to fans of the comic-book medium opened last week at Paisley Museum. 22 Pages – Scenes from Scottish History depicts historical events presented in a graphic novel style and the exhibition is FREE with it running from Saturday 2nd April through to Friday 20th May.

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A look ahead to…..London Super Comic Con 2016


With just about four months to go the countdown for London Super Comic Con 2016 is well and truly underway and with the recent announcements of the first two waves of guests…..it looks like the team behind the event are aiming high.

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