Comic Creators Anonymous – Letty Wilson

I’ve only recently discovered Letty Wilson’s work in the stunning Cosmic release from Panels Comics that she is part of and it was about time I caught up with her AND more of her work.

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Comic Creators Anonymous – Johnny Cannon

Photo by Richard Hill

Johnny Cannon is one of many small press creators that I seem to have stumbled across & stuck with – his early work on The United and Space Rats was enough to show off the potential he had and getting to catch up with him just made sense!

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Comic Creators Anonymous – James McCulloch

Writer/creator James McCulloch has been one of the most prolific producers of great indie comics in recent years and while he’s helped convert me into a horror fan with the likes of City of Lost Souls & Little Girl Black along the way……he’s got lots more still to release.

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Comic Creators Anonymous – Rachael Smith

Writer/artist/creator Rachael Smith is another small press all-rounder that I’ve followed for a while and with the likes of I Am Fire, House Party & The Rabbit already standing out in a sea of titles – I was glad to get the chance to catch-up with her.

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Comic Creators Anonymous – David Robertson

Writer/artist David Robertson is another all-rounder who produces every aspect of his own titles and with his contributions to Treehouse and the likes of Dump already impressing, it’s a matter of time before I catch-up on more of his work.

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