A Comic a Day in May – Day 15: Where No One Goes Volume 1-3

Zorika Gaeta’s four part series begins with Where No One Goes, Where No One Lives and Where No One Grows and having recently backed the finale I had these in my sights for getting a read through.

Inside is the world of Marlo as she toils with the notion of letting her date Basil to truly know her by giving him a glimpse into her head and all the decisions that make her who she is.  That  level of intimacy mixed with awkwardness takes on a whole new life as the metaphorical journey Zorika has planned for them begins to unfold and it’s far less linear than could have been expected at first.

The blend of emotions that the journey evokes takes vulnerability, passion, friendship and makes them wrestle each other before your eyes but that’s all a method of getting you as deeply involved with what’s happening as the characters themselves.  The link formed between the reader and Marlo is key to making sure that when these life decisions, feelings, regrets and more are explored in volumes two & three, we’re already in it for the long haul. 

The thing with this series is that it feels like it can work on a number of different levels, you could take it strictly at face value and enjoy a fantasy world that entertains or you could go all in and soak in the subtlety & nuance that’s woven throughout an intricate plot that promises a deeper comic world to visit.  There’s value in both those approaches but you’ll get much more reward for taking each volume and mirroring the mix of feelings that are scattered across all three volumes.

Zorika’s plot and world she’s built in  & around Marlo is wildly inventive from the off but grasping onto the quiet contemplations, the frantic energy and everything in between has lots to offer as things unfold.  The art is a crucial part in making the powerful highs & lows really hit home as the journey weaves it’s way across the pages.  The magical vibe to things is emphasized further with the slick use of colour too and with everything combing to keep momentum firmly behind our central character we’re whisked along with her in the best possible way.

These three volumes feel different to many comics I’ve had on my reading list and while it’s another release I took a gamble on through Kickstarter, it’s also another gamble that’s paid off and then some.  A glorious set of volumes so far makes me jump at getting to see what happens in that final issue and then to revisit the whole thing from the beginning as soon as I can. Loved it.

Check out Zorika’s Etsy Store to get your hands on this and her other titles and keep up to date with else she’s working on through her website, Twitter & Instagram pages or over on her Patreon.



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