A Comic a Day in May – Day 12: Woodland Creatures #1 & 2

Creator Cristina Roswell has brought her werewolf story to life through a series of impressive Kickstarter campaigns and with the finale on the way I had to get caught up.

The werewolves in question take the form of Callie & Christopher who have a fiery relationship between them that’s made all the more complex with a soul-link to their wolf companions known as amaroq.  Callie has zero empathy towards humans and her murderous ways are kept in check by ex-military man & PTSD sufferer Christopher, who is trying to fight the good fight for all werewolves.  The government has their own ideas of what place werewolves have in the world and war is the preferred option to try to keep the visceral urges under some sort of control but a visit to the UN sees Christopher trapped in an argument to retain freedoms for the lycan community that some are just not so keen on.

The other lycans that have found a prominent place among those government & military decision makers have their own agenda’s too and as things start to bubble to the surface we see the core couple flee back to the wilds of Alaska where they feel they belong.  It’s here that we begin to find out a bit more about their backgrounds as family ties and whispered secrets begin to shed some light on exactly why they are the way they are.  That fiery relationship and a lifetime of chaos sees Callie & Christopher go their separate ways but their links run deeper than your average relationship and their pack mentality claws it’s way back to the fore as things get more and more complicated.

Cristina has an impressive set of central characters  in Callie & Christopher and the sexually charged & conflicting relationship between them is what fuels a plot that has purpose & a strong sense of direction.  In among that is a subtle look at what minorities face and how that plays out on both sides of the divide and all while the thriller/horror side of things drift in & out with a casual air to make this feel like a disturbingly plausible series of events.

The covers for both issues are impressive in all their full coloured glory and while they are SOOO good, I’m still glad that the interiors are black & white because it really allows the detail in the art from Tomás Aira to be shown in the best possible way.  He plays with different panel layouts throughout too and that all combines to give the fight scenes energy, the intimate scenes a sense of calm and the connections between them a slick flow.  That flow is helped along nicely by Gonzalo Duarte’s lettering and with his input on the script you can see that the level of dialogue & narrative are kept tight to inject the purpose that’s needed. 

The opening two issues help build interest from the very beginning and the momentum grips onto you and whisks you through a story where the characters have a well formed connection whichever side of the divide they find themselves on.  The mystery that develops and the revealed secrets step things up a notch with it all looking and feeling like the journey towards the finale will see it continue the trend where it’ll deliver & then some…….and I can’t wait.

You can get your hands on these and the final issue on the campaign link below:

Woodland Creatures #1-3 Kickstarter

You can also keep up to date with the title and it’s creators through the links below:

Woodland Creatures: Instagram, Facebook, Online store

Cristina: Twitter, website

Tomás: Blog, Instagram, Twitter

Gonzalo: Instagram, Twitter, website



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