Advanced Review : Volcano Island #1

The first issue of a new sci-fi mystery in itself should be an attention grabber but the style on that front cover alone was calling out for me to take a look.

It tells the story of Multi-National company ‘Humanity Forever’ as they strive to prove that in the chaos of a world with so many issues that even the most hostile environments can be made habitable for long-term settlements.  As they cruise through to their 1000th day things are beginning to veer out of control and there’s no clear indication of whether that’s nature or man-made interference that’s rocking the boat.  The commitment of those involved is steadied by Commander Maximilian Jones as he points out everything they’ve achieved so far but there’s no denying that somewhere in the background the cracks are beginning to appear.

The violent world around them has it’s mysteries to unravel and with feisty Pepper Rose on the case she’s taking the lead in finding out who or what is causing their recent problems.  The threats are closing in around them and with casualties on the way & losses already taking effect, the opening issue is a solid start in building a world and introducing us to the main players.

The most obvious success straight off the bat is just how tight the script is as writer/co-creator Samuel Lewis eases us into the world they’ve created and then continues to avoid getting bogged down in overwriting any of the science or story as it unfolds.  This keeps the opening issue flowing well and lets co-creator Dylan Shipley’s art show off the world they’re drawing us into.  The danger’s closing in are given real energy while the mystery is given the shadowy undertones that it needs and with the colouring (at least on the first 6 pages) having that lava-fuelled glow to them it’s clear they have plans on making this a series to look out for.  The remaining colouring will be picked up by Robin Sowden Garcia.

This opening issue ticks a number of boxes on how to get a series up and running – well formed characters with very clear relationships among themselves developing quickly through the dialogue & interactions we see and then that all given a sense of life with art that works the pages & layouts to give a scale to everything that’s got more than enough to get you hooked.  A series I’d love to see more of based on just the initial look at what’s completed so far but the tightness of the story and the depth of the world feels like it has the momentum to keep trucking through and hold you’re attention the entire time.  We need more of this please!

You can get your hands on a copy of the first issue through the link below:

Volcano Island #1 Kickstarter

You can also check in on progress through the titles Instagram page or with the Dylan over on Twitter.



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