G-Man talks to Stu Perrins about Chrono-Cat

Having been impressed with the 1st & 2nd issues of Chrono-Cat I decide to try and catch up with it’s creator Stu Perrins to find out a bit more about his creation.

What was the inspiration for Chrono-Cat?

Our pet cat, Charlie. She went through a phase of bringing home a whole bunch of weird and wonderful presents and that got the cogs turning as to where she was getting this stuff from. So in short Chrono-Cat is her imagined time travel adventures of our cat.

Armando’s art & Ron’s colours are pitch perfect for this series – how was the creative team formed?

Ron is someone I’ve worked with on a couple of previous projects and loved it so working with him again was a no brainer. Finding Armando was your typical ‘lonely hearts/artist wanted ‘ situation really and when I saw his art I was blown away because it was exactly the kind of art style I was looking for for Chrono-Cat. Both those guys perfectly got my idea that this should be a Saturday morning cartoon put to paper, so yeah it’s been a blast

What’s been your favourite part of Chrono-Cat’s adventure so far?

There’s so many things I love in this, but if your putting a gun to my head seeing a cute kitty cat punch out a T-Rex whilst simultaneously dispensing with a Zombie king is a massive highlight for me.

Will we see a collected edition of this 3-part arc?

We’re actually in the later stages of putting that together as we speak. Has well as the complete story so far it’s going to include some glorious pin ups and hopefully some other bits n bobs so that’s pretty exciting.

What was it like working with Markosia again?

Markosia have always been incredible to work with. When I started taking my comic creating endeavours seriously, getting a book published by Markosia was on top of the bucket list so to be sat here and see that Chrono-Cat is my fourth project to see the light of day via Markosia is a genuine thrill.

Do you have more adventures in mind for Chrono-Cat?

Oh definitely, I’m nowhere near done with the character yet. There’s so much I want to do with him and there is no way in the world I want this to become a one night stand. Watch this space.

What else are you working on just now?

Just announced is Brightside which is a spy adventure I’m working on with Nico Valdez and Adam Blackhat which is again being published by Markosia. The tag line for that book is ‘What if James Bond was a steam punk Audrey Hepburn ‘ Now, try telling me that doesn’t sound kick ass!

Massive THANK YOU to Stu for taking the time to give us a bit more insight and you can catch up with him on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also get your hands on all three Chrono-Cat issues so far through Amazon or Comixology.


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