We Are Scarlet Twilight #1

The merest glimpse at the cover for the opening issue of We Are Scarlet Twilight from Benjamin Morse was more than enough to get me to jump on-board it’s Kickstarter because who doesn’t love a cyberpulp adventure?

It tells the story of crime-fighter Captain Lancet who is embroiled in his nightly battle against the terror that’s seeped into New York City and as the sensibilities of the 1930’s & 40’s plays out, it’s clear that there’s much more to the underbelly of the city than we’d have first expected.  His latest run-in with the seemingly all-powerful Scarlet Twilight cult gets him only so far in his latest attack against evil but the leads he digs up should be enough for his other life to finish joining up the dots.

As Prince/Playboy Vlad Kingsley he’s able to move among the rich & powerful with ease and edge himself closer to bringing down the worst of the worst in the city that he loves….or at the very least, the city that he’s come to call home.  As his worlds blend and collide there are more revelations to come that bolster just how crazy his life has become but Benjamin seems to be having soo much fun messing with us at every possible turn.

The events build and build with our hero gaining momentum here and there but just as he gets closer to his goal the entire world is thrown into the air with some slick surprises for pretty much everyone involved.  Death, dodgy dealings and danger are the focus of this issue with that shadowy hero proving to be a mystery in himself, there’s style oozing out of every panel in this one.

Benjamin does an ASTOUNDING job at pacing this first issue that feels like it’s so expertly in control that each act so far has given just as many revelations as it does mystery’s.  The thing is, Benjamin is SOOOO good, that it’s a world that you can’t help but like and that’s before you take into consideration those visuals…..which take things to a whole new level.  The heat of the City, the darkness of evil and the light of good all clash in the best way possible in the glitz & glare of NYC and come the end, the grey areas surrounding both sides of the divide are surprising enough to leave you reeling and desperate for more.

This is an easy book to fall in love with, as much for that constantly evolving dynamic around who is good & who is bad as anything else, but there’s no doubt that Captain Lancet is at least trying to make a difference.  That difference flips the entire world upside down in the last few pages though and I never saw ANY of the surprises coming…..which shows just how amazing a creation this is.

Fun yet brutal in places, the world of Scarlet Twilight has arrived with style, swagger and REAL substance behind it and with writing, art, colouring, lettering & pretty much everything else in the hands of one man it’s an outstanding achievement.  Especially as this may well be one of my favourite comic reads in recent times, let alone it being an indie comic gem.  Take a bow Benjamin……take a bow.

You can (and MUST) check out this and the follow-up issue through the campaign notification link below:

We Are Scarlet Twilight #2 Kickstarter

You can also check in with Benjamin over on Twitter to see what else he is working on too.



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