Chrono-Cat #2

Following a stellar opening issue of Chrono-Cat from Stu Perrins I was all-in on seeing just where this three-parter was going to go.

The cliffhanger at the end of the last issue left us wanting more and we’re straight into picking things up with our titular hero in the hands of his abductors who are more than aware who our hero is.  With that in mind they set him the task of fixing all their problems and while we’d expect him to come through with something the disorientation he feels is the first hurdle he has to face. 

He gets his head in the game with a bit of a revelation but it all ends up a case of out of the frying pan & into the fire when he plays his big move and with yet another enemy for him to face-off against the chase is on for his very survival.  That all leads him to some familiar faces and it’s another case of the next challenge coming over the horizon for our favourite Cat out of time.

The momentum across both these issues has been impressive and while other all-ages book may have suffered from feeling like it’s over too quick there’s something different with Chrono-Cat thanks to Stu’s pacing and sense of adventure.  It could well be that we have a a Chrono-Perrins messing with the time around us as we read his creation but there’s a balance to proceedings that somehow manages to make a fast-paced adventure feel padded out enough to allow you to get involved in the world and then get sucked in VERY easily.

It’s backed-up again by Armando Zanker on art and with the same crackling energy & injection of colour from Ron Gravelle, it’s got a style that compliments every aspect of the world that’s been created.  The heroes, the villains, the relationships, the risks and everything else in between has weight to it and the visuals really play their part in capturing that vibe.  Ron’s work on lettering keeps things in check too and while this issue feels less word-heavy than the first, the whole 2nd issue shows off a series that’s evolving & growing into something that could go well beyond this three issue run.

The story, the art & the colours are all a key part in making this series something special that can spark the original reason we all got into comics in the first place – Fun.  They’ve avoided the retreading of old ground with a character that’s been engaging from the first page & reading that finale can’t come quick enough.

You can get your hands on this and the latest issue of Chrono-Cat over on Comixology and keep up to date with Markosia & the creators through the links below:

Markosia: FacebookInstagramTwitter

Stu: Twitter

Armando: Twitter

Ron: WebsiteTwitter



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