G-Man talks to Nick Bryan & Rosie Alexander about FairyFare

Having recently got an early look at the first issue of FairyFare I just HAD to find out some more about it – so the questions started flying and creators Nick Bryan & Rosie Alexander were kind enough to give me more insight into the title.


What was the inspiration for FairyFare?

The characters came first, which is often how my favourite stories develop – I started with these two sisters and then built a concept which would let them interact with a wide range of strange creatures and offbeat visuals. The idea of fairies also came from a desire to find something which would work well with Rosie’s ethereal, colourful art, along with giving me some fun gig economy satire to chew on.

What can we expect from the rest of the series?

For anyone familiar with folklore, it won’t be a huge spoiler to say that when a fairy grants your wish, there’s often a mischievous sting in the tail.

Did you have Rosie in mind for this when writing it?

Absolutely – it was written fully for her. She was drawing a lot of cartoony women with brightly coloured hair at the time of writing – which, if you go to Rosie’s Instagram, dates the early planning of the comic pretty specifically – and that informed a lot of the main character design, along with the bright magic and fairies.

The vivid style captures the magic of the world really well – is that how you always envisioned it?

I knew Rosie wanted to lean hard into her neon gush style of colouring so I was prepared for a technicolour explosion, but still blown away when I saw the final art. Full colour was a big selling point of this project after our first black and white comic The Little Deaths of Watson Tower, so we wanted to take full advantage.

What would you wish for when using the FaryFare app?

A herd of centaurs storming around the world, putting up posters advertising the FairyFare Kickstarter.

You have a mini-series planned but do you have more beyond that?

The story itself has a beginning, middle and end, although I like the concept a lot and it might be fun to do some side-stories or shorts. We’ll see how things go, and if Rosie can still stand to look at a Nick Bryan script by the time we finish.

What else are you working on just now?

I’ve got another miniseries – a kinda sister title to FairyFare, but from a more horrific angle – which an artist I’ve worked with before is just now beginning to draw. It’s early days, but this tweet might relate to it.


Was FairyFare a story you wanted to do straight away?

Pretty much. Any story Nick Bryan emails over, I know will be a great story. So there’s little hesitation with jumping in. The call to action was when he described the contrast of the fluorescent magic against a London backdrop… I was sold.

The pages glow with your art – was that something that developed or did you know you always wanted it to look that way?

Thank you! Over the last year there’s been a real transformation within my artwork when it comes to the development and application of colour. The vivid vibrancy is addictive and soon as I started colouring FairyFare the process just melted in to the pages, I couldn’t help myself. #Neongush all the way, honey.

What was it like working with Nick again?

He is always a dude. But what’s even better is he allows for those artistic experiments, he puts faith in your skills. I feel we’ll be a comic duo for a while as the years go on.

Do you have a favourite scene/page that you created for this opener?

Any of the pages where you have the interactions between Tash and Phil were genuinely enjoyable to create. There are some fantastic facial expressions, but also, those pages seems to have an electricity in the colour – could potentially be the bright hair.

What would you wish for when using the FaryFare app?

To already have like ten or more graphic novels under my belt. That’s the dream. Or… right now, a bagel sandwich from New York.

Do you have the visuals planned for the rest of the series?

For issue two, most definitely. Which is extremely exciting. Then again, I get excited about any stories I get to visualise.

What else are you working on just now?

Currently working on a new comic with Mike Finnie! I won’t say more for now, but this is going to be one of the biggest comics I’ve worked on. Might I even say graphic novel…? But other than that, I’m working on some fancy new merchandise for my store, so go buy things!

MASSIVE thanks to both Nick & Rosie for taking the time to chat about FairyFare and getting me more hyped for the rest of the series.

You can jump on-board the campaign at the link below:

FairyFare #1 Kickstarter

You can also keep up to date with the creators through the links below too:

Nick – WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter,

Rosie – WebsiteInstagramTwitter, Online Store


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