Advanced review: FairyFare #1

Comic creators Nick Bryan & Rosie Alexander join forces again to bring us their new urban-fantasy comic, FairyFare, and after getting my hands on issue #1, I just had to dive in.

It tells the story of a world where magic & money seriously overlap with wishes being granted for a fee via the increasingly popular FairyFare app.  Centre to this tale are sisters Phil and Tash Spaight who have very different views on what this “service” can achieve and just what the best route of action is in the familiar tussle between doing what’s right vs doing what’s going to make you rich.

The mysteries behind those in charge at FairyFare grab both their attention and with them choosing their own paths to keep some money rolling in they’re taking steps to find out all about the dark secrets being hidden from sight.  

It’s a fantastical world that Nick has written but with both humans & Fairies showing their true colours when it comes to that magic/money mix, it’s got the air of a comedy but the depth of a thriller which becomes instantly infectious.  The likeable sisters at the centre give this a heart & a real edge to what’s unfolding around them which is all given life by Rosie’s art.  That art is kept simple, which you’d kind of expect for a story about fairies, but it’s the colouring that really injects things with energy that packs a punch and captures the fantastic elements exceptionally well.

The Nick/Rosie combo certainly works for this opening issue and with hints at what’s yet to come being dropped here & there, it’s got the potential to really run & run with these two at the helm.  The world of magic can sometimes feel like a dark source of ideas at times but with the vibrant colours and the quality of the characters here, there’s a really fresh air about what this story can become….and just where they could go next with it.

You can get your hands on this opening issue through the campaign link below:

FairyFare #1 Kickstarter

You can also keep up to date with the creators through the links below too:

Nick – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,

Rosie – Website, Instagram, Twitter



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