Advanced Review: The Legend of La Mariposa – The Climb and Other Stories

The newest volume of The Legend of La Mariposa from James Lawrence has recently hit the funding trail and we wrestled so I could get an early look 🙂

While the first volume,The Demon Gauntlet, started La Mariposa’s epic quest to join the Sons of Justice, this collection gives a series of stand-alone stories featuring your favourite Luchador.  The same heart is at the core of every story though in a central character that’s just desperate to do good, take down bad guys with a pile-driver and maybe make a name for herself that will see her gain the kudos she deserves.

There are a number of different enemies for her to face off against as each story unfolds but it’s all done with the same level of gutsy determination that we’ve already come to expect and as she works out exactly what to do for each problem she’s got a ton of tricks up her sleeve.   The side-quests for La Mariposa end up being just the rollercoaster it needed and while the first volume gave a glimpse of the potential for the series it’s here that the diverse options really become tangible.

James’ all-ages book is just a wonder to behold and with an endearing character like La Mariposa driving things forward there’s a definite sense that anything she does will be to improve the world she finds herself in.  The stories themselves play out with a slick sense of pacing and as things progress there’s more hints at what else could be on the horizon, none more so than in that interlude that sets up even more that’s still to come, but the vibe here is one that reminds just why we got into reading comics in the first place – fun. 

Art wise it’s as tight as we’ve come to expect and the bold colours, varied panel layouts and controlled lettering give this as well-rounded a feeling as you’ll see anywhere else be that mainstream or indie.  James has a golden touch in each of the books elements but it’s the central character that truly makes it what it is with a single-minded approach amid that quest for good making this a book that engages, entertains & empowers in equal measure with the added bonus of it looking and feeling like a fun comic that anyone can get lost in.

You can get your hands on a copy of this and the previous volume through the campaign link below:

The Legend of La Mariposa – The Climb and Other Stories Kickstarter

Check out what else James has on offer over on his online store and keep up to date with everything else he is working on through the links below:

James: Twitter, Instagram



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