A Comic a Day in May – Day 30: Biggol #2-5

Biggol from Ioan Morris became a bit of a revelation when I discovered it’s first issue and with that beginning etched in mind, I had to get my hands on the whole run once the fifth issue closed out the series.

The remaining issues cover the development of the mythical, & now fabled, TV series about a wizard and while the egos are still wrestling with each other behind the scenes there’s just as much going on around the production to keep you entered as well.  The struggles with funding, the mix of present day interviews and flashback retelling of on-set tales gives this an extensive level of detail that gives everything a sense of validity.

The fans, the disgruntled performers, and pretty much every person involved with bringing the show to life makes an appearance and Ioan sustains that Mad Men vibe that was there in that first issue.  The difference here is that the rest of the series really highlights just how much world-building has gone into it and with even the most insignificant detail proving to be something you can learn & hold onto, it’s the intricacies that fill the pages.

The glory of this is that with little to no footage surviving – the passion of it’s fans and vitriol from it’s critics is an additional fuel to keeping the interest alive.  That interest is infectious and that’s really down to how well it’s written and while it may be a little dense in terms of it’s detail, dialogue & narration for some, it’s got everything I needed to be totally hooked on believing in a show that is so crazy it can’t have existed.

Similarly, the artwork manages to capture the different eras and a vast number of varied characters both in and around the show itself to allow the world to feel real.  That’s another crucial ingredient in making this a series of five issues that feels like much more than the sum of it’s parts.  The pacing, the scale, the in-fighting, & the nostalgic air breathes life into the entire series and there’s no doubting that the injection of humour is something else that helps elevate the series even further.

A mythical show becomes an could-have-been show in the hands of Ioan and being able to read the whole series in one sitting was a joy on pretty much every level.  Reads well, has a unique look of it’s own that works and that’s then something that makes sure it’s got a re-read factor, at least for me, that’s through the roof.  Can’t wait to see what Ioan hits us with next.

Catch up with this and the other Carp Publishing Endeavours titles on their website and keep an eye on their Twitter & Instagram pages for more news on what they are working on.

You can also check in with Biggol’s creator on the links below too:

Ioan: Website, Twitter



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