A Comic a Day in May – Day 26: Blood Moon #2

From humble beginnings in the first issue of Blood Moon things quickly ramped up so I was sure that getting back into it for the next issue & beyond was a must.

Following on from the tragedy in the opening issue Owen Fitzwilliam is still dealing with the fallout from that and the impact it’s having on his family.  In contrast, those responsible for that tragedy are keen to keep a low profile and with no witnesses and family ties giving them a good chance at getting off with it there’s a strong drive in this issue to see justice done.  The hows & whys of that revenge make them selves known gradually and with Owen himself being quickly wrapped up with a thirst for revenge it’s clear to see that he’s more than open to outside influences taking him in that direction.

The two sides to the events of the opening issue start to work their way under your skin pretty quickly and you can’t help but think that with all the turmoil that’s injected into this issue that Owen should embrace that in whatever form it takes.  Those opportunities are something he takes on willingly and the first visceral action of revenge is one that you’re applauding on the inside – as much for Owen getting the beginning of some sort of closure as those perpetrators getting what they deserve.

There are still some surprises that come with those events and the justification for those don’t seem quite clear yet but with our central protagonist going through the wringer at every step it seems to be that he’s hitting the outlets for all his pent-up aggression & frustrations.  He’s an imperfect character for this to be focused on but in a way it makes much more sense for that to be the case given how deeply he’s been impacted by everything that’s going on around him and I get the feeling that even he won’t get away with the actions he has taken. 

The combination of PM Buchan, John J Pearson, Aditya Bidikar & Hannah Mearns-Shannon had already wowed in the opener because of the shock value of both the story & visuals but it’s in this second installment that it really starts to get into it’s pacing & finer details.  The grim events are ones that you can’t help but feel impacted by and as they balance off both sides of that accident with their differing attitudes, there’s something disturbing about even the most “normal” parts to this series.

Outside of that the elements of loss, the supernatural, family, and selfishness from everyone involved is much more realistic than I expected to accept at first.  The good vs bad is blended into a world of grey with no one really being perfect but this still manages to draw you in so that you can root for Owen across every page.  The artwork is key to that as it’s mixed-media vibe builds a kinetic energy that gives the events the power they need and the finality of the revenge a gloriously OTT outlook with no punches being pulled.

An amazing story that’s equal parts unhinged and enthralling as it evolves in places without much explanation but the art captures that with such conviction that you’re ‘all-in’ before you’ve even realised the creative team had you hooked from the start.  The lettering makes a key impact to the whole story as well as it makes sure the gut-punches hit where they need to and that the erratic & chaotic world is given an anchor through the details in the narration & dialogue.  Roll on more of this.

Check out the Blood Moon Website for a glimpse at the two issues so far and catch-up with the creators on the links below to see what else they’re working on:

PM Buchan – Website, Twitter, Instagram

John – Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Aditya – Website, Twitter,

Hannah – Tumblr, Twitter



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