A Comic a Day in May – Day 24: Daughter of Titan #3

After an impressive beginning in the first two issues I had to get back into Richard Mooney’s tale of monsters, sci-fi & superheroes.

While the lives of Alena Amar (aka Titan) and Detective Frank Brenner had crossed paths in the last issue we get further involved with both characters as their past & presents clash.  The mix of family dynamics is still there to keep things grounded for Alena but a life of being kept in the dark about her heritage complicates things far more than she’d like.  The only thing to complicate things more is the overlap between Titan’s attempts to help and Brenner’s investigations into black market augmentations while trying to keep himself on the sane side of hist psyche.

The intricacies of those elements are enough to keep things ticking over but the extra layers of Military interference, a super-villain returning from the past and the fractured existence they both seem to be having in a world that’s desperate to report on every miss-step they may take.  Brutal in areas too, it’s a clear indication that Richard has no qualms about hitting those central characters with as many challenges that he possibly can and all while keeping them as grounded as possible with the personal hurdles that can appear out of nowhere. Each of the core characters have their flaws & weaknesses as you’d expect but that gives them a sense of reality that keeps things fresh and the broader cast are all crucial in playing their part on the plot thread that’s being weaved across those pages.

Richard is doing an amazing job and building up the layers in a world with a varied set of possible plot directions and while it could have been hard enough keeping one of those ticking over he manages to keep these all connected and flowing amazingly well.  That strong link helps highlight the sheer scale of what’s being uncovered at each step and it builds to a slick set of hints at the potential that’s been injected into this series

Monika Laprus-Wierzejska on art and Maja Opacic on colours merge their skills to deliver on Richard’s big ideas as they give the most ambitious elements a tangible realism.  The darker edges are suitably brutal while the relationships offer a contrasting sense of light that allows the whole world to display it’s balance and intricate connections with real style.  Much like the transition between the first two issues there is another step up in the amount of reading in this third issue but the lettering from Novella Locritani is a key part in keeping things flowing as well as they do.

This has felt like an ambitious series from the beginning, both in terms of the plots that are being overlapped and the attention being paid to introducing a diverse cast, but it’s something that it’s been able to deliver on page after page.  It reads and looks like a book that’s got mainstream written all over it and given the sheer range of ideas that are on offer here, it’s a small wonder that they are all pieced together in such a way that gives each of them more than enough of a chance to add to the story & enhance it as things progress.

You can check in with the creators through the links below:

Richard: Website, Twitter, Instagram

Monika: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Maja: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram



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