A Comic a Day in May – Day 19: Veh-Kill #1

Any book with Matt Hardy, Norrie Millar or Rob Jones on-board is one I’d take notice of but when all three are involved it’s got “must read” written all over.

This one opens up in the midst of small town USA just as all hell breaks loose with convicts freed by a car crash and then the surrounding cars hunting them down.  A slick opening for sure and we’re whisked along to meet the four scientists/priests that here to try & save the town from the motorised mayhem that’s revving up to wipe them all out.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it seems like it’s more than just an isolated incident and every vehicle in town has turned on the human population – so it’s up to this solitary group to keep their heads and tip the scales back in the favour of the locals.  There are casualties along the way for sure with some exploding cars thrown in too but a brief visit to a local bar is cut far too short when there’s more danger to face-off against as it smashes through the front window. 

The relentless pursuit keeps the pace of things on full throttle and just when you think you know what to expect, Matt throws us a curveball or pulls the rug out from under us.  With that approach he manages to keep the momentum as high as he possibly can with only the briefest of introductions here and there for the main players in the story which works just fine given the context of the hell that’s unfolding around them.  There’s even a cliffhanger to close out this opening issue that throws the theory that this is a crazed possession from hell itself up in the air and that there are in fact strings being pulled elsewhere that are causing everything we’ve seen so far.

Norrie Millar’s art is just as sublime as it always is, as he helps build a cast of characters that suit the crazy world on the pages and he packs enough energy into every panel to make sure he’s matching that pacing from the script.  Panel layouts & some impressive double-page spreads help elevate things further to make sure that there’s a glimpse of the scale and urgency facing that core team of rebels that are fighting the good fight.  There’s still a lot of dialogue to be kept under control given the pacing and it’s just as key an area in solidifying how constant & severe the risks are – in steps Rob Jones for that and he keeps things tight while contributing to the success of this opener as only Rob can.

In the end, Vehi-Kill delivers as the high-paced, fun-filled, OTT B-Movie homage that it promises to be and while the core team intro may be brief, it’s just as effective given that you’re introduced, involved and intrigued before you can catch your breath.  Some glorious set pieces help provide the big bang that it needs and with the creative team in-sync in the way they are, it keeps the momentum trucking from the very first page to the last.  A solid beginning for a series to get lost in & be swept along by.

Get your hands on Vehi-Kill over on Comixology or DriveThruComics and check out the Markosia Website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages for more news on what else they’re working on.

You can also check in with the creators on the links below:

Matt: TwitterInstagram

Norrie: Twitter, Instagram

Rob: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram



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