A Comic a Day in May – Day 18: The Thing That Stops the Badness Part 1

I recently discovered this Steve Thompson creation over on Kickstarter and I had to take a look at just how this three part series started.

Inside we start with a South American expedition that seems to have been hijacked and while the science behind that expedition is as mind-blowing as you can imagine, the fact that it’s now out of their control sets this up to a unique direction to take us.  There are surprises to come in the form of demon-like guards that seem hellbent on stopping any progress towards their goal and when we discover that’s a chimney in the mountains, we’re no further forward in truly understanding what’s gong on.

This all flips to the story of Alice as she struggles as a single-mother with an absent ex and a less than helpful mother-in-law and as she tries her best to get a foothold at an interview it’s clear that the universe has it out for her in more ways than one.  These events all seem to be separate but when the hijacked expedition sees the the destruction of that chimney it’s now clear that there something far more significant in exactly what’s being spewed into the atmosphere and the full impact it has on a Global scale.

It’s a blend of horror & thriller from writer Steve Thompson and while he’s got a number of different arcs all linked by an unknown force, he ups the ante further with a hint of chaos theory and philosophy that asks some big questions while triggering some even bigger consequences.  The artwork from Daniel Bristow-Bailey has a crackling energy to it and while the lines are almost scratchy rather than clean it gives an unstable edge to what ends up being an unstable story.  A perfect fit to give the range of elements the slick link that they need to each other and with some scenes having to be seen to be believed, there’s potential crammed into every page & panel.  Daniel does a great job on lettering too as he keeps the story rolling with all that dialogue that’s firing around across those plot-threads.

There’s nothing better than taking a gamble on Kickstarter just from the merest glimpse of a book and having it pay off, but with this opening issue Steve & Daniel have formed a creative unit that’s got “screw linearity” built into it that becomes insanely infectious  VERY quickly.  Random & risky for sure but there s something more than exciting about a book that pushes boundaries with what looks & feels like incredible ease.  Roll on the rest of this series.

You can check out this and more of Kloob Comics titles over on their online store and you can check in with it’s creators on the links below:

Steve: Twitter

Daniel: Twitter

You can also pick up this AND the next part of this story on the campaign link below:

The Thing That Stops The Badness Part 2 Kickstarter



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