A Comic a Day in May – Day 14: Buzzard #3

Buzzard from Wolf Cave Comics has had a strong progression through issues #1 & #2 and getting another early look at the next issue was an easy thing to say yes to. 

After the second issue brought in Erik’s (aka Buzzard) sister Mattie, this latest issue sees them enjoying a bit more of a “normal” trip to the beach but Erik’s mind runs at a thousand miles an hour and it’s clear that he still has an erratic force behind him.  The sideline as an assassin comes in quick though and his latest job sees him heading to Dublin to take out his next target thanks to his mentor Kal.

This trip has its own complications though as getting through an airport armed for your latest kill was never going to be easy and when you’ve got bladed arms it’s even more of a challenge but quicker than you can say “mine’s a Guinness”, he’s scoping out Ireland to get another job done.  His aims have altered slightly from the beginning as looking after his sister seems to have given a firm focus on what he needs to do…..well….enough focus until a pretty face or chance to get high or drunk comes along.  His work has become a bit more serious to him thanks to Kal but his mouth runs off quicker than his brain does.  Safe to say the job goes less than smoothly but while that’s what’s happening with out central character his sister is weaving her own game of manipulation to try and gain some leverage elsewhere.

There’s even more going on as his new weaponized arms and the kills he brings with them have caught the attention of the darker side of the world and there’s another layer added to a book that’s already been fleshed out from that opening issue.  This is as British as comics come given the language and general approach to the wider world but this does feel like the pace is picking up for everyone involved.

Andrea Wolf is really starting to build a strong world around a central character that seems to be made of largely swagger and attitude and while that initially caught you off guard it’s been easy to warm to him as things have progressed.  The broadening cast and the connection between brother & sister in particular, have helped instill a heart to the story rather than be too full-on with the killing, drinking, drug taking and cursing.  The one minor quibble again is that there’s quite a few pages that feel word heavy with the amount of dialogue and narration that’s going on but that’s kept under control by the lettering thankfully.

Art-wise I love how detailed Ezequiel Assis’ pages are and with some of the angled panel layouts adding an extra dimension to the action it feels like it’s got the visuals to give things the pace and energy that they need.  The character designs and their facial expressions are also given the attention they need to capture the now broadening layers of plots, emotions and interactions that have grown across the three issues.

Buzzard is still as fully charged as it always has been but in the last two issues it’s started to deliver on the potential that it was showing from the start and while the amount of dialogue/narration strays out of control some times it sort of matches the central character himself in a way.  Brutal, very British, but believable in it’s own way, this is a series that won’t appeal to everyone but those it does will get more and more out of it on every page turn…..well worth a look.

You can keep up to date with this and everything else Wolf Cave Comics is working on over on their Facebook & Twitter pages.

You can also pick up this and the previous issues through the campaign link below:

Buzzard #3 Kickstarter




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