A Comic a Day in May – Day 13: Start Again #3

Jamie Me’s Start Again series already had a stellar start in issue’s one & two, so as it eases into the penultimate issue there were some hefty heights to match.

Natalie & Ajay are are trying to keep themselves out of the limelight following their run in with the Anti SuperHero Unit (A.S.H) and while Ajay has a contingency plan there’s not much he can do about the impact on his mental health.  This leads to a closer connection between them both and while they’re seemed like they were just randomly thrown together in that opening issue it’s here that the depth of the relationship really starts to give the book a heart to focus on.

Alongside that solid grounding is a flashback to Ajay’s past which is beginning to get back into his head and start to take hold at a time when being level-headed is a must.  His public persona has taken a knock too but with the unofficial endorsement from an unlikely source on Live TV it seems like the heat might be starting to ease from the public at least.  That glimmer of hope is shot-lived with the addition of a face from his past but between the cracks in his mind, the support from his lover & friends and the uncertainty on their next move, things are really reaching a climax that’s got surprises written all over it.

Jamie’s scripting has been nicely balanced from the beginning but the additional depth within those relationships sees things level-up on that front.  The dialogue is sharp and natural which allows the characters to ease into their own quirks and pretty much own them.  Art & colours change hands in this issue with both being picked up by Neri Rearte and while the style had already been impressive in the previous issues it’s built upon in this issue with ease.  It’s got the intimacy it needs ( in more ways than one) but it’s got the bold & brash elements layered in there to give things the gravitas it needs.  A nod to Jamie’s lettering on this one again too as he keeps the flow going between the dialogue and narration exceptionally well.

This has always been listed as a mature title and while that IS true there’s much more depth that tag would usually represent and the elements that ARE on the more adult side are crucial given their context in the story.  Things are kept away for being gratuitous for the sake of it and that keeps each part of the plot on an even footing with an equal importance in getting the story and it’s characters to the exact place they need to be.  This might not be for everyone as a result of that but for everyone else it makes this a consistently well structured book that delivers on the cliffhangers and surprises that it promises.  Roll on that finale.

Keep up to date with both creators on the links below:

Jamie: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Neri: Twitter



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