A Comic a Day in May – Day 10: War Priest #1

Richard Kemp’s War Priest got an enhanced edition through Kickstarter recently and I got my hands on a copy to see what this Pendulum Heart release was all about.

It tells the story of Matthias, the titular War Priest, as he travels through America in a dystopian future where the country has been split into twelve wards.  This story follows him as he journey’s in search of another Priest in Ward nine and he’s not entirely sure what he’ll find when he gets there but his belief is matched by his skills with a sword and he’s soon living up to both part of his title.

The quest takes him through a land of monsters and evil but his run in with a mysterious witch sees him begin to piece things together about exactly where the missing Priest is…..or at least, that’s what he thinks he’s doing.  The battles he faces bring him closer to that truth but in the end, the elements of evil have far more planned for him than he had ever expected.

Richard’s story has a slick blend of good vs evil & sword-fighting and with the added element of monsters or even the religious elements that are there, it’s clear that there’s a jigsaw of being well put together here.  Some of that may not be for everyone but there’s something intriguing about a lone warrior trying to get to an end point that will resolve as many problems as possible.  The artwork backs that up and minus a few panels that don’t quite seem as tight as others in terms of perspective, there’s an atmosphere to the whole proceedings that really polishes this opening issue off with a sense of style & purpose.

War Priest may not have been a book I tracked won but getting a glimpse of a strong opening issue has put this on my radar for the remainder of the series and here’s hoping that’s just as well put together.  Bold, brutal & action-packed enough to keep the pace high and the interest in what happens next even higher…..roll on the next issue.

You can check out this over on the Pendulum Heart website and keeps tabs on what else they are working on over on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

You can also see what else creator Richard Kemp is working on over on his website as well as his Twitter & Instagram.



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