A Comic a Day in May – Day 8: Redshift

Scout Comics have become a solid source of new and interesting titles for me but being drawn to sci-fi I knew I had to give Redshift a go.

This opening issue brings us the reality of life on Mars as the human inhabitants there try to sustain an existence while the powers that be try to figure out a long term solution.  Mining for resources is a key part to that sliver of hope they cling to and the Drake family at the centre of this series have part to play in that.  They also have their eyes fixed on the sky above as they try to imagine just where there mother could be in the vastness of space after being sent there by the Academy of Exploration as they continue to find somewhere else for the colony to move to.  That task has hit it’s next cycle and they’ve picked another individual to head off on the same mission.

The reality of that decision hits hard when Hellener Drake, the eldest son of the family, is hand-picked for that honour/sacrifice but his father, Roderick, is less than impressed with another member of his family being drafted.  Hellener hears them out though and the weight of expectation on him hits heavy especially when the reality of that choice hits home.  The high hopes of the Academy are a hard burden to shake and while he may seem like a grafter from that opening glimpse it’s the flashback to a training mission that really shows why he was the sensible choice.

With Mars becoming an increasing interest for NASA and the population in general, this title seems like a timely one to release and writer HS Tak has crafted a slick beginning to this six issue series.  The Drake family unit and all it’s quirks seem like your everyday group with a natural fell to their interactions that give it a subtle anchor of hope and with the risks of further space exploration hitting them for a second time there’s a definite air of that being the gut-punch you would expect it to be.  

That story is backed up with art from Brent McKee and colours from Sebastian Cheng and they’re a significant element in capturing the world that’s being created.  From the vastness of space,  to the community among the workers and most importantly into the faces & individual characteristics of the Drake family, there’s something impressive about the life that’s breathed into the whole situation.  That is emphasized even more by just how perilous things actually are underneath the surface for everyone in the colony and the story/art manage to hammer home that stark message impressively well.  Kudos to Joel Rodriguez on lettering too as he works his magic in keeping a lot of dialogue in check while adding the context that’s needed to capture the potential loss, fear and wonder of life on Mars.

A glorious opening to a new series and further proof that Scout Comics have a great sense of what can work but also just how important a well structured creative team is.  Story, art, lettering and beyond are all key in making this a title I’ll be looking out for when the issues hit the stands and with this opening issue due to hit on the 19th May, it’s one that’s well worth tracking down or just adding to the pull list.

Check out this and the other titles over on the Scout Comic website and keep updated with what’s next over on their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

You can also keep update with the creators on the links below:

HS Tak: Twitter, Instagram

Brent: Instagram

Sebastian: Website, Instagram



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