A Comic a Day in May – Day 4: Beast Hunting Battle Badgers #6

Having already been pretty much blown away by the first five issues of Steve Sim’s Beast Hunting Battle Badgers, I just HAD to see how the arc finished up.

As Flint & Laird continue their epic journey that’s packed full of myths, magic and monsters but as they strive onward to the end of their quest it proves to be much more challenging than either of them had expected.  They’ve still got their fair share of help along the way though and as the battles erupt before them they teeter on the edge between success & failure to leave us guessing.

There’s no end to their determination though and they pull out all the stops to try and save the day, their friends & each other.  Each step is a slog though and the loss along the way does it’s best to chip away at they’re hope of putting everything back together and get some food in their belly as they do it.  That dynamic has been present from the beginning but this issue really steps up every element across it’s bumper 64-pages and while I want to shout about everything inside the issue I don’t want to take away any of the enjoyment future readers may get from it.

Safe to say that the series retains it’s consistency right through until the end and Steve is reaping the rewards of the world building he’s done from the beginning.  The characters are SOOO well rounded and each individual characteristic becomes a crucial piece of the whole series.  Similarly, the development of a mythology, of the threats themselves and of the force of will in those titular central Badgers breathes life into a book that became a must-read from page one.  That stellar story is matched by some of the most detailed & intricate art you can imagine and while it impressed from the beginning there’s still a progression in it across each of these six issues that is amazing to see.  This finale sums all those aspects up perfectly too as Steve plays around with panel layouts in order to capture moods, action & a page-turning aura that grips you and whisks you along with an effortless ease.

It’s been six issues of pure comic book joy and the skill in the writing, the craft in the artwork and the eye-catching covers combine to make an indie book that’s worth reading, sharing AND shouting about.  A glorious arc comes to an end but I’m hoping there’s more as this feels like a title that could run and run with the potential that’s seeped into it’s paneled pages.

Head over to Steve’s Beast Hunting Battle Badgers website to see more of his work and keep tabs on Facebook & Twitter for what’s next.  You can also pick up these issues over on his Etsy store too.



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