A Comic a Day in May – Day 2: Longpig #1

When I caught a glimpse of the Longpig Kickstarter I knew i recognized the style and then when I saw the names involved it was an inst-back for me…….so when it arrived I just HAD to take a look.

It begins a new five part horror series where we are introduced to a pig-farming family from Nebraska called the Stanley’s and while they seem innocent enough at first, we begin to get glimpses of a darker side to each member that’s bubbling to the surface.

The generations are covered and with the reveal of a baby on the way it seems they’re not interested in changing their ways or limiting they’re own vile corner of the world on the Stanley homestead.  The sinister edge to each character is bad enough but the casual nonchalance that sees them talk about farm work and their cannibalistic ways under the same breathe gives this an uneasy vibe from the beginning but as you squirm your way from page to page you can’t help but continue.

There’s much more going on in this one though as the weird & wonderful cast grows to include a Mr Ashford who is desperately trying to find his sister after she went missing a year ago but that search brings him into contact with those in the know from the darker side of town.  The discussions in the shadows brings the whole small-town mentality to the fore and as all roads seem to lead to the Stanley farm, it’s sure to be wild & brutal ride.

While I know Grayham Puttock for his artwork on the likes of Red Rocket Comet & Glass Hood, he’s more than grabbed my attention with his writing on this first issue as he shifts between the everyday and the savage with an uncomfortable ease.  The cruel family and their shared ways are a brutal reality to introduce but it’s got enough hints of dark, weird and intriguing to keep me hooked for the rest.  

Adam Jakes on art captures every side of the cast in this with a realistic depth that helps raise the bar with every page turn and Aljoša Tomić’s colours polishes the sinister glint in the eye of the murderers and the hopes of those hunting them down with a glow that just makes the world close in around you – in the best possible way.  Ken Reynolds does his typically effortless work on the lettering as he juggles narration and a hefty amount of dialogue to keep things flowing well and there’s a nod to Andy Bloor on the design work for this one too.

The whole creative team are working together in this one and with them all contributing their own edge of darkness to the story, the Stanley’s are soon swaggering around your nightmares ready to screw with you even more.  That collective approach means you’re on the edge of your seat from the start and then the vivid world of a visceral existence made normal sets things up for a series that’s got a dark potential written all over it.  Gruesomely glorious.

You can catch-up with the creative team below to keep updated about the rest of Longpig and their other projects:

Grayham: Website, Twitter, Instagram.

Adam: Instagram,

Aljoša: Instagram

Ken: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Andy: Twitter, Instagram



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