G-Man talks to David Robertson about The Tay Bridge Disaster

David Robertson’s latest project has already hit it’s funding target but with it covering real-life events I took the chance to fire some questions his way to find out a bit more about what lead him to put this all together.

What sparked your interest in these events?

It goes back to childhood. The local museum had an exhibit that captured my imagination. It told the story, through photos and artefacts. Then there was also the fact that if you’re in Dundee, the bridge is right there. You see it all the time. And most importantly the stumps – the leftover parts of the bridge that fell down – are clearly visible. It’s kind of a haunting story.

Did you have to do a lot of research for each of the strips?

I did a lot of research. This was done in order to get inspiration, to try to make sure details were correct, and to have fun. I am actually interested in the topic. There are many great books on it. I list them in the notes of my comic.

What was it like covering a real-life local event?

Interesting you ask that. Part of the desire to do this book at all was that I wanted to do a “Dundee comic”, looking into some aspect of the place. Another factor I kept in mind was a moral one. People died in this event, and presumably some of their relatives and descendants are still living in the area. I have not been in contact with anyone, but I want to honour their memories and I don’t want to upset anyone.

How did you narrow down what to include in the book?

That’s a very germane question, because every time I’d go to research a particular aspect, other things would present themselves to me as being interesting and/or good candidates for a strip. I was just quite ruthless, and planned out the subjects I wanted to deal with. In the end, I covered most of the topics I thought would be interesting.

What’s the reaction been like to the Kickstarter?

It’s been very positive indeed, Gary. I started the Kickstarter with no expectation of anyone being interested. I was hopeful, but had no indication anyone would want a Tay Bridge Disaster comic from anyone, let alone me. It’s been amazing seeing the project reach its target. I still can’t quite take it in. Now, I am concentrating on doing the work required to fulfil the rewards.

Do you have any other local stories planned for telling in comic form?

I do have something else in mind, but It’s just an idea at the moment. I don’t know if that will come to fruition or not yet. I sit with ideas for a while to see if I really want to do them or not.

What else are you working on just now?

I’m planning on publishing a collection of comics later in the year, I’ve completed around 25 pages for that. I’m also working away on a longer form story that’ll be published separately. That’s written, and I’ve started pencilling it. I’ve also been talking with the That Comic Smell podcast folks, and it looks like we’re gonna do a second volume of our anthology.

You can check out more of David’s work over on his website and take a look at his blog & Twitter pages for what else he is working on.  You can also pick up his other releases over on his online store too.

You can also check out the campaign for this book and grab a copy on the link below too:

The Tay Bridge Disaster Kickstarter


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