The Chris Matthews cover to the Mugshots one-shot crime comic was more than enough to convince me that it was worth jumping on-board with it’s Kickstarter and it was on my reading/review pile as soon as it arrived.

It tells the story of gambler Danni as she hits a losing streak that would turn you to drink but the mounting debt she owes crime boss Charles Heart sees him come up with a solution to her problem & one of his in one fell swoop.  That would be clear cut enough but only “if” Danni’s life was ever going to give her a break and it’s safe to say that’s very clear that that’s not going to be the case but having survived on her wits so far may not entirely be enough for her this time.

The kidnapping of her girlfriend and the target being painted on a mutual acquaintance makes the situation suitably complicated enough to make every step a dangerous one and Jordan Thomas makes sure that’s the case as the shit seems to hit the fan or more precisely, a series of fans.  Complications breed complications for her and as the ebbs & flows of the winding story evolves around her there’s a less definite indication of what the final outcome will be, making for an exciting ride through every page.

That slick story is given life through Chris Matthews art & colours which turns a noir-filled story into a different beast entirely as it almost soaks it in a neon hue that allows the underworld vibes seep into every panel.  The characters, particularly their faces, are given a strong sense of individuality so you believe that the toils they face are their own & they all have their own way of dealing with them.  Similarly, the panel layout gives things a nice edge to them too and while there’s a hefty amount of dialogue & narration to give things depth, it’s the lettering from Lettersquids (aka Justin) that keeps that all in check and tight enough to allow things to flow.

From a visual hook that lead me to back, it’s then gone beyond what I was imagining for the finished book and while it stands out as a one-shot in it’s own right with a story & look with longevity, it feels like this creative team could produce more one-shots and I’d jump on-board those too.  Gritty & unrelenting, there’s something to be said for a strong book by a strong team of creators that features a strong group of characters……more of this please.  I’ll be back to re-read this soon I’m sure and so should you.

You’ll be able to get hold of the book through Jordan’s next funding campaign that starts soon – sign up to get notifications on that through the link below:

Weird Work Kickstarter

You can check-in with the creators through the links below to find out what else they are working on too:

Jordan – Twitter, Instagram

Chris – Instagram

LetterSquids – Website, Twitter, Instagram.



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