Buzzard #2 – Advanced Review

After enjoying a first issue chock full of potential, getting an early look at the next part of the story in Buzzard from Wolf Cave Comics was a prime example of how fortunate it is to be involved in comic reviewing.

The intro to a slick combo of comedy & action in the previous issue continues from the very beginning of this issue as the smart-mouthed Buzzard continues his life as an assassin.  A life of crime, drugs, killing & wisecracks is the bubbling surface that sees the momentum sustain into the pages of this second issue.  He’s superficial and almost hollow at first glance but that gives way to a deeper character at his core where the jovial clown has a strong sense of duty & family hidden away from view.

It’s there to be found though and the purpose behind his evolution into a super-assassin proves to be a noble one that just happens to take him on a detour of getting high and killing some folks.  Andrea Wolf has full control over the pacing of the story and reveals that appear along the way but he’s been able to harness the same energy from the opener and ploughed it straight back into the follow-up.  The language is sharp and extreme to match the violence but in the context of this story and with the finer details coming into view, it’s still packed with the same potential it had from the first page.

The art from Ezequiel Assis bolsters that entire premise and while the very british surroundings & events are shown with the same Manga-like aesthetics, it’s another combo in this book that seems to make some of crazy sense.  The book is still packed with narration & dialogue but the balance feels much more natural in this issue when compared to the first and that helps stabilize the overall experience of the world Buzzard inhabits and the life that he leads.

In the end, the Buzzard series feels like it’s really finding it’s feet and rather than running too fast for itself it’s taking strides to get a world in order that embraces the chaotic days of killing, mixes in some family dynamics and manages to steer clear of going out of control too much.  Brutal & unrelenting for sure but definitely improving as it builds on top of a foundation of raw energy from writer & artist alike. 

Keep tabs on this & what else Wolf Cave Comics are working on over on their Facebook & Twitter pages.  You can also get hold of this and the previous issue through the campaign link below:

Buzzard #2 Kickstarter



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