Diamond #1

New Indie comic publisher Broadcast Comics has been trucking through targets on the Kickstarter for their first release Diamond and it’s another book I was able to get an early look at.

It tells the story of rock star Grayson Matthews as he revisits his previous life of fame and fortune that set course for self-destruct when at its height.  We find a world-weary figure propping up a bar as he trawls through the events that lead him to where he is today and while it seemed on the surface to be another tale of bad choices and dodgy decisions, we quickly discover that the fall-out triggered a surprising new direction for his life to take.

The weight of his decisions still rest firmly on his shoulders and there’s no denying that his quest for redemption is on an upward trajectory but it’s got to bounce back from rock bottom before that can happen and I’m not overly convinced that he’s hit those depths yet.  That can only be a good thing though because there’s still so much more to find out about our hero-in-waiting as he fights for every positive step he can take as a way of making a real difference.

Writer & co-founder of Broadcast Comics, Kieren Steven, has kicked off a new series that’s crammed with much more potential than I was initially expecting from an indie superhero release.  With the mainstream already filling pull-lists with more superheroes than you can shake an origin story at, it somehow felt like a gamble to step into that arena but in this case it’s paid off.  The main Grayson character is so well written that you start off disliking him & his ego before warming to him & being completely on his side but it’s so gradual and seamless that you almost don’t realise it.

That’s echoed in the art from Domenico Pagano with it’s gritty edge that hammers home the weight of our heroes decisions both past & present and all while managing to capture the rock star lifestyle alongside the energy of his new powers.  That creative team is rounded off by the ever impressive Rob Jones on lettering who manages to deal with much more dialogue & narration than I had noticed at first…….but that shows just how effortless the whole team has made it look.

As origin/opening issues go, this has kicked things off in the right way by taking a real focus on building a central character to dislike/like in equal measure, which in the end makes him more realistic and relatable.  The next issues will determine what level of longevity there is for Diamond but on the momentum that’s built up here, and specifically on the quality of the characters, there’s more than enough to hint that that’s something they could well deliver on.  A great first issue for both this series and Broadcast Comics themselves – so it’s worth keeping an eye on this what more they have on the way in the future.

You can check out more over on the Broadcast Comics Facebook & Twitter pages and get hold of this first issue through the campaign link below:

Diamond #1 Kickstarter



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